Tum: Elegant Lady of the Night

Number of Scenes: 1 (Solo)

Biography: Beauty is a term easily tossed about when describing the lovely LB's of Thailand, but Tum deserves that description if anyone does. She is a strikingly beautiful young woman, with flawless skin, a sweet smile, captivating eyes, shoulder-length reddish brown hair, and a long, slender body sans implants but budding with soft hormonal boobies ("puffies" as some call them). And legs, such long, smooth legs, leading up to her sweet round butt. Did we forget anything? Oh yes, that surprise between her thighs, six and a half inches of thick, rock-hard pleasure stick for you to play with. And there she is, holding a couple of glasses and a bottle of Merlot by the candlelight. Umm, we'll catch up with you later....

Ah, Tum! Yum! Yum! One of the prettiest Thai LB's you'll ever meet, Tum is also hung and horny, as she shows in her second photoset. She wants a man to make love to her, but she'll make do on her own if she has to, as she does here, building to a massive climax, cumming all over her thigh and the bedsheet. Oh, don't you wish you had been there!

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