Jenny: Sexy Slender Showgirl

Number of Scenes: 2 (Solo)

Biography: Jen is the kind of girl who gets her man excited just by smiling at him. A showgirl in Pattaya, she knows how to charm her suitor and make him want to take her, preferrably by the swimming pool.Jenny Sexy in her mini-skirt with eyes that can stop a man in the street, she loves to have fun and enjoys all positions in bed. Touch her gently at first; her nipples are very sensitive. But she's wild in bed and knows how to please her man. Jenny also enjoys traveling, and would love to visit the USA someday, stopping in Hong Kong on the way. She likes nice clothes and wants to look her best for her man, who should be handsome and clean cut. She opens her photoset enticing you with her beguiling smile, dressed all in white. But she doesn't stay dressed long; the clothes come off, and before long she's hot and bothered, finally releasing her passion in an intense cum scene. Then she hits the shower to get ready for your visit....

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